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How many Violations? I am SO confused

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CA got my C&D letter 3/31 ,

4/8 called old neighbor "left message this is CA, calling for XXX about a debt owed to CA , 2 hrs later Called Agian, and talked with neighbor, wanting to know where XXX is cause XXX owes CA...

they know where i am they Called me 2/26, they served me a summons on 3/27, and i answered that summons with yet another dont call send request in writing ect...( i got the green cards )

Called CA today ( blocked my number) and talked to CA, Yup someone XX called XXX yesterday,, its in the file, ( CA sappy worker ) OHHHH someone screwed up, says Right here, your replied to summons and theres TWO dont call request..well we call so many people a day we dont really look at what the file says.. let me transfer ya...

LOL got "stupid advisor" on line,, ,,yes, ,me hey dummy you called yesterday,, any reason you voilated the do not call???

Her( a Oh S***) sound,, well since you have a dont call us , send your "problem" in writing and we will see what the issue is, oh and by the way this call is recorded & i am terminating this call.. click

goody means they have lil sappy recorded says , yea we called & screwed up

betcha i am going to ask for that file and recording..

Section 805(b)2. Location information , they know exactly where i am

Section 806 2.Unnecessary calls to third parties

Section 807(10) prohibits the "use of any false representation or deceptive means to collect or attempt to collect any debt or to obtain information

concerning a consumer."

so is this Three volations @ 1000.00 each? or just 1000.00 for all three ?

( they are suing Both my husband and Myself , each.and together ,as individuals and "martial community") so is it X2? or x3?

I am confused to "per action" and

per violation

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teh statutory damage is 1k per case, regardless of the number of violations. But check your stat elaws, there may be another law they broke. And don't forget actual damages, which can be demonstrable pain and suffering

OK thats what i thought, so its 1000.00

plus state 2000.00 ( washington) so 3000.00

i just went and filed "notice of violations of Cease and desist order,

wrote what happened,,& the convo with CA

listed the FDRCA's they violated, state law RCW,

this is a clear disregard to the Law(s)

and for the court to award ,actual,punitive,legal &any other damages as seen fit by the court,

sent CMRRR ( court stamped copy)

My G*d they where so stupid, we are in Discovery phase and one of the things i asked for was all "recordings and files" seems they are making this a little To easy for me,

LOL hope they go ahead and make the whole case for me :mrgreen:

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