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Been sued for thecost of a vehicle

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I have been sued by a credit union for the cost of the pick up truck that they repossed

I answer the plaintiff complaint and accepted that I was the person who own the money and I want to look for ways to pay off the debt, but I cant paid the 19,000 they ask right now. I bought this pickup when I came to this state and resigned from my past job leading me to be unemployed for 5 month and finally got a job but making so little can pay the amount they ask

Now I received a letter from the court:

Motion of summary judgment.

The court find as follow

1 The plaintiff filed its motion for summary judgment on april

2 that the defendant must responce to the motion for summary judgment within the time prescribed by trial rule 56 or the court will rule on such motion without further notice or hearing.

3 that if response is timely filed, the court will either

a rule on such motion: or

b set such motion for hearing: or

If a response is timely filed, and either or both parties request a hearing as set forth in T.R. 56, the court will not rule on such motion until the matter is heard.

What do I have to do now I do not even have money to eat ( Im in a survival mode now) How this guys can make me paid this amount of $ is I can not do that

Please help

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You need to reply to the motion with some sort of opposition brief, but it sounds like you already admitted to everything. The time to protect yourself against this has pretty much passed you by.

There are always defenses to repo suits, but, unfortunately, you'll probably not be allowed to introduce them for the first time in an opposition brief. Perhaps a local attorney will give you a free consult or give you some pointers in putting a brief together.

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