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Need some advice on existing collection


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Ok, here's the deal. I did a dumb thing and allowed a collections agency to get a consent judgment on me before I even had an idea what DV's were and how the process works. So now, I have Lexington Law, who for the most part has done a very interesting number on my credit and has increased my score by over 100 points within the first two months. But, what LL does not do is take things to a very customized level and they probably wouldn't understand what I'm about to explain.

I have a collections account that was originally with HSBC that got sold off to Palisades Collection. This account eventually made it to a CA/Law Firm within jurisdiction to pursue me legally. I didn't know much about the process at the time and just went with it and have been paying them monthly for almost a year now. To be honest, I attempted to DV them in the beginning and they didn't do much more than show me an account number. I digress on the DV part, I'll let LL fight with Palisades on that.

Here's the question though...I have this same HSBC item listed 3 different times, not including the judgment on my report, and one of them is listed as a "MEDICAL" item. Is it possible to turn around and tell the CA that I am no longer paying them anything due to the damage that their client, Palisades, has done to my credit report and demand something? I don't know. This doesn't seem right, fair, or within reporting guidelines for one single account.

What would I have to do at this juncture? Can the FDCPA or FCBA help me despite my judgment? Would this be a valid appeal? Any advice is appreciated!

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