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whats the next form to file?

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Got "served summons" (3/27)three days later filed, answer, Counter claim's and Request for docs,( mailed Cmrrr green card back on 3/31) realized iI misplace names of P/Defendant in two places, Filed Corrected version,(4/1)( Mailed corrected to atty Cmrrr green card back 4/2)

looked at file about a week later, Meanwhile CA violates By calling 3rd party,, so,, filed complaint with court ( 4/9) they did a no no and now need to pay me for that too,,sent CMRRR, waiting on the green card for that,

so far Atty hasnt , answered my counterclaim, sent any docs, filed anything else either,thier 20 days expire on the 21st

what do i file next,,I want my counterclaims granted.

would it be something like , motion for summary judment for counterclaims?

( i'm in Wa state, best part if I win the CA looses/ suspends Lic until judgments are paid)


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I want to be ready ,if they dont answer ,to file request on the counterclaims,

they have filed Nothing else besides the summons,

I have filed, Answer to summons, counterclaim, request for documents, and a letter of voilations

they have sent me: no replies,

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the answer was 9 pages long,

BUT you can buy the "sample letters" here for under 9.00 no instructions tho, but the forums help alot,, you get alot of "letters" legal docs samples ect.. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!!! will save you hours of looking for the write letter/form you want

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