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Looking for a Doctor or Suggestions


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Ok, as some of you know, I had major knee surgery last year and it is now 8 months since. I had quite a few major setbacks in the healing department, so to say that I have been back to boot camp since January is pretty much a miracle. Ok, now my problem.

Ever since I had my surgery, I have found that when I get up from a sitting position, it's like my leg needs to catch up with my brain to be able to start walking. The leg that had the knee surgery is always cramped and it takes a few steps to get the walking problem worked out, in which case, about a min or two recovery to walk normal. I never had this problem before surgery and it doesn't matter what type of chair I sit on or how long I am sitting for.

Now, I have increased my water intake and started taking a Potassium supplement which has helped a little but not much. It is painful and is getting me worried. My ortho surgeon said it was nothing to worry about but here I am still having those problems and it's not getting better. Any suggestions? :dunno:

Thanks ahead of time.

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Okay, as someone who works in the medical industry but is not a medical person:

(Disclaimer: All pseudo-medical staff loves to diagnose problems without any actual proof. This is no different. Please do not take my advice as anything other than someone who has started at one too many charts and teaches doctors to be nice for a living.)

I would ask about a consult to a neurologist. It sounds like there could be some minor nerve damage, but without neuro tests, you can't tell. On of the common tests a neurologist will do determines lag times between command and response of limbs.

Hope it gets better!

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