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Help I am scared

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Hello I am new this is my first post. I have spent the last week or so reading the post and learning alot. I will say this is an overwhelming process to be a pro se litigant. After all of my mistakes I hope this can be resolved without a judgment. Here I ago:

Received a summons 1 day before the statue of limitations would begin,

Answered summons with affirmative defenses.

Went to Pre-trial agreed to discovery,

Received their rogs, answered appropriately

(I did not file a motion to dismiss the usual affidavit) First mistake.

Sent interrogatories, plaintiff pretty much did not answers most of the questions sent.

At the very end of the time given the plaintiff sent six account statements.

16 days before final pre-trial filed a motion for summary disposition submitted account statements and another affidavit unsigned but notarized by the previous creditor by the company that bought the previous creditor. The affidavit is being used as the credit card agreement but gives the name of another purchaser. (Not the one suing)

I filed an opposition to the summary disposition. Appeared before the judge, lawyer claims she never received the response, was given time to review. I told the judge I do recall the account and there had been fraudulent activity on the account during this period. (This is true) I tried to buy a house and many things appeared on my credit report that did not belong to me. The account went to a pobox I that was closed a few years ago. The judge said because I did not file the motions the case could be won by prima facia, more time was given to the plaintiff to find original documentations. Pretty much beg the judge not to grant the summary disposition. Part of my failures is all the reading and not enough action, I am filled with anxiety and overwhelmed what should I be doing now. The judge is great but I am sure she is frustrated with me. Final pre-trial is in less than 60 days. Can I fix this…Michigan I know I could have won if I would have taken the right actions. Can I fix my mistake?. This is all been very confusing. Tried to seek legal counsel but I had no luck because most want the laws broken during the validation period. I cannot afford the fix credit, their counsel tried to speak with me after the hearing I hope I did not say to much.

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Look for an NACA lawyer in Michigan.


Select "Credit Reporting Problems" and "Debt Collection Abuse".

Some employers, often as part of your health insurance benefits, offer services that include things like reduced rate legal services, psychological and/or marriage counseling, financial counseling, et al.

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