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SOL for medical collections in Indiana


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I may not be looking in the right place. Trying to find out the SOL on medical collections for Indiana. Any help will be appreciated

Specific Civil Actions

The following periods represent a small sample of the statutory limitations periods in Indiana. Please note that it may be possible to bring multiple causes of action from a single incident of wrongful conduct, and thus even if it appears that the relevant statute of limitations has run it may remain possible to bring a different claim. Also, there may be an exception to the standard limitations period that applies to any given situation. The following list is provided by way of example. If you wish to know how the statute of limitations applies to a specific situation, you should verify the statutory time period and its relevance to your situation with a qualified Indiana lawyer.

Professional Malpractice: Professional negligence actions, including medical malpractice lawsuits, must be filed within 2 years.

Personal Injury: 2 years.

Fraud: 6 years.

Libel / Slander / Defamation: 2 years.

Injury to Personal Property: 2 years.

Product Liability: 2 years, regardless of the age of the victim.

Contracts: Written, 10 years; Contract for payment of money, 6 years; Oral, 6 years; Employment Contracts, 2 years.

Hope This helps, I think medical falls under contracts ( hopefully someone with more knowlage can answer this)

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