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Nonnie Nonnie boo boo, Capital One!

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I wanted a credit line increase from CapOne. They told me I was scheduled to receive one in May, but not right now. (credit steps.) Wahhh! I want to transfer a balance to their sweet zero/7% deal right now. The husband told me, while I was on the phone, to tell the phone person that he had just bought some of their stock, so I told her. She laughed. I guess people do not tell them that very often. I wished good luck to the company (thinking she might have company stock, being an employee and all. Just wishing good luck to her company and her job and to our stock.)

Six hours later and the husband has generated $113. He said it's like his own credit line increase that he did not have to get approved.

I told him it is even better, since it's not credit and he does not have to pay it back.

So nonnie nonnie boo boo, Capital One! Thanks for the dough! I guess we got a CLI through the ultra-secret really-back-door number.

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I want to transfer a balance to their sweet zero/7% deal right now.
What deal is that? Maybe I want some!

For the past three years, they have been sending me monthly cash checks with $0 transaction fees. So i would write myself a check for $2000, deposit in my checking account, collect the float for 45 days, then PIF through their onling payment system. Last year I made roughly $60 doing this.

Now that my checking account interest rate dropped from 4.00% to 2.00%, its not worth it anymore. But they continue to bombard my mailbox anyway.

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Oh, it's just the piddly $500 card they gave me. 0% for six months or a year, and 7.15% on balance transfers, I think, for the same time period, and then the purchase rate adjusts to 7.15% after a year.

After next month's payment it will go up to $1,000 and then two months later, to $1,500. It's part of the "credit steps" program. They even sent me stickers to place on my calendar.

I've heard people say they did not get the increase they were promised but my husband has the same, and he got the increases as soon as he hit "submit" for his payments, right on schedule.

He didn't sell the stock yesterday. Oops, it's down to $109.

*Thankfully he got out of there since I wrote this post. Downplunger today! Down 9%. Woo-eee!

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