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Request for Admissions, Interrogatories and Docs "Propounded for Judgment Debtor"

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I just received some new Requests relating to an old judgment. Basically, they are looking for some money. They garnished my one checking account 2 years ago, so they actually already have most of the information.

I am planning on admitting to the 4 requests for admissions (1. no joint bank accounts, 2. No one else has ownership to funds in my account 3. I am sole owner of funds in my account 4. there are no exempt funds in my account)

Demand for docs: 1-4 docs supporting and admissions that I have DENIED (but I am admitting to them), #5 - - 90 days for account statements.

Interrogs: 1. Name, address, age social security number, phone number. (I am stating that I do not have a home phone - which is true).

2. list all accounts, account number - OK, I will give them my one personal checking account number

3. state occupation, name of employer, position, wage, salary and commission

( I am self employed, a real estate agent, and I have very little going on these days.....!)

4. do you own a home - no

5. list year, make, model and license number of vehicles owned

( I drive a 2002 Jeep, but it is not in my name. it is in a trust)

My issues: I do not get any income, I am just getting a draw from my business. we are not making enough money for any salary. I am just getting paybacks from my original investment when we started the business. My checking account always has less that $50 in it. I just make a draw transfer to cover payments. BUT the statements show the business account number.!!

2. Technically, I do not own my vehicle, but I think I should just admit to it since it is not of any great value.

Any thoughts on how I am responding? Anyone have any personal experience in this area?


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