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A certain sister of mine has gone a bit senile in her age (She's over 80 years old). Now, don't get me wrong she's still very much "of legally of sound mind", but she just can't understand the FDCPA.

Anyway, a certain debt collector keeps bothering her. I want her to sue em, but she just doesn't see the point, (or profit$). She's been sued sued twice. During those times, she requested successfully I be appointed her "lay representative". We were able to beat both of them. Oops, forgot to countersue. Now your caught up, but...

How can we proceed against current debt collector?

Can she sue them, and appoint me to represent her again? As the plantiff do the same rules apply? Lastly, very important, I'm not a lawyer.

Addiational info...

My county of TN has a state civil court (<$25,000), and federal civil court. I have never heard of a special small claim court.

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