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I have LVNV on my credit report. they are trying to collect for an old SEARS account. They are now sending me letters from their attorneys. They have sent me letters from 2 different law firms so far, one is from Massachussetts, the last one was in West Palm Beach. I live in Florida...They are not threathening to sue but it's implied. How do I deal with them?

I'm trying to clear up my credit this year but I don't know what good it would do to pay off old collections. Almost 2 yrs ago, I paid off two collections from citi but they still show up on my report as deragotory. It is showing that they will be removed in 05/2009 (from transunion) but experian is showing that they won't remove both accounts until 2012. That's 3 whole years from the date that Transunion say they'll go off my credit report! How can this be? How can the same accounts have different deletion dates from the 2 CRA's? Also, I have 2 other accounts that will be removed off my CR this yr by the Original creditors but LVNV (SEARS) and Asset Acceptance (Victoria's Secret) show different dates of deletions for them. How can their dates be different from the OC dates of deletion for the SAME ACCNTS?? If the OC removed the accounts from my CR, shouldn't they be removed by the CA's as well? Do the CA's have more power than the OC? Plus the accounts are charged off by the OC so why are the same accounts showing 2x on my CR in the first place???? Can the OC and CA report the same accounts at the same time? Because now it's showing that I have more deragotory accounts than I actually have! I'm confused but it just don't seem right. Please HELP!!!

It's quite possible they have illegally re aged the accounts to

1) extend the reporting period

2) get this within the SOL.

Dispute with the CRA's,

The original account should be shown as Paid, transfered,

LVNV funding accounts ask for verification of the first date of deliquency,

dispute everything else on LVNV Funding TL

If you don't put up a fight with LVNV Funding, they file a suit fairly quickly.

Good news; JDB's and even OC's have lost a number of cases in Florida due to the SOL; 4 years

If you can determine that your debt is beyond the SOL, send a letter to LVNV funding immediately stating that this is a time barred debt.

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hello i was reading through the forum and noticed i have the same problem im dealing with now lvnv on my cr for sears . i was wondering if you can lend a hand here. lvnv sent papers for small claims in 07 i hired a lawyer and they never showed so i got a letter "case withdrawn from all parties" then i get a letter from bay area credit demanding payment ,i sent that to ct dept of banking and got that taken care of letter of appology from bay area credit now i got another demand this time from capitol manegment for the same sears account ..i disputed with experian they verified it in 2 days, i disputed with equifax and they are on the 28th day of the investigation which makes me belive they are doing a thourogh job whereas equifax did not .what can i do here ?last payment was on 4-13-03 thank you for your imput sorry for spelling its late here lol

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