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updating a CR to show most current balance on CC

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Has anyone tried or can you dispute the balance on a current CC in the attempt to update your report to show most recent balance before the CCC or CR updates that TL?

My report is still showing the balance from my last payment that was due and paid on March 11. The idea here is to have my most current report reflect the most current balance right away, as well as the lower utilization and give my FICO score a quick even if insignificant boost as I am about to apply for an auto loan.

I am specifically speaking about my EQ report, which seems to update slower and slower every month, but thats another rant...:twisted:

Would such an action possibly help or would it threaten my CR and FICO score as a 'disputed' item for the immediate future??


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The updating is done by the creditor, not the CRA. You can't force a creditor to update and you can't force them to report more often. Most credit cards seem to report once a month around when you get your statement.

You can dispute the balance, and maybe it'll update to reflect the most current, but more likely it'll come back verified as-is. It could even result in the tradeline disappearing altogether.

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