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Harassing Calls from CA Regarding Someone Else' Debts


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My Mom is receiving harassing calls from Reliant Recovery Solutions AKA Greentree Aquisitions ( 425-740-3600 ) cross check of number also turns up NCO.

These calls are in regards to an unknown person who uses the same private mail box service (differnt box #) as my Mom. Apparently they crossed the common address and came up with her phone number.

She has explained this to them repeatedly and the calls have persisted. They now are yelling at her and calling her a liar ETC.

Since their actions are not related to her or her finances what laws may provide some relief from their abuse?

All attempts to explain the situation and resolve this are now being met with abusive behavior.

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Thanks, that is a good suggestion. Any idea if the FDCPA? laws would apply? I figure it will take contact from an Attorney to back these guys off.

Any consumer being contacted by a third-party debt collector has the same rights under the FDCPA as any other consumer even if the debt is not connected to them at all.

However, as suggested, there are other laws that are probably more potent here.

Obviously, your Mother has the deciding vote in how far to take this but this kind of outright stupidity on the part of the CA needs to be struck down with as hard a blow as possible and I'd encourage you to encourage her to take this as far as possible - in other words; get an attorney.

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Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have been receiving calls (nearly a dozen) from a company called Reliant Recovery about someone else's alledged debt. Long story short...I reported them to the FBI. They are a scam and using the name of a valid company located in california who is trying to shut them down. I tried talking to them, but just like others have reported they are abusive and scare the heck of you. don't answer the phone, don't talk to them. The FBI has informed me that the scam company is located in the state of Washington and the company in California is attempting to take legal action against them for using their name. Basically the scam is to scare you into sending them money to take your name off the list. DON"T DO IT!

we don't know how long it will take for the reliable company to get their legal action into place, but it is underway.

If anyone has any ideas how long it takes for them to give up calling...let me know! They are now even calling on Sundays.

my next step is check with my phone company and report this as harassing phone calls and see what they can do. (this is advice provided to me by the FBI)

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