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Lost in Concilliation court today

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I just recieved my copy of the judgement in the mail yesterday- seems the judge ignored all of my evidence and relied on all of their incomplete, hearsay evidence. If it were not for this site I would be extremely bummed but now I feel even more confidant of my case being heard on appeal. As a matter of law, I have an iron clad case. My only fear now is that I don't follow procedure/protocol properly and lose my case due to my shortcomings as an attorney. The biggest thing I've taken away from this whole experience (other than my new found knowledge) is how wrong it is that- even though I know I'm right and should not be held accountable for this debt ($3500), it would cost me a couple thousand to maybe win in court with an attorney so an actual debt of $350ish could cost me thousands even if I get an attorney and win.

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