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identity mix-up: my brother's report and mine combined into one?


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I got my Experian report and found that my brother’s identity info as well as his credit history are all mixed up with mine. His social security number (which is just 1 digit different from mine) is listed as a “variation” of my number; his name and variations of his names are all listed with mine. The phone number and employer name are his, not mine. Then most of the credit history items belong to him, except for a few student loan items that are mine.

I sent a dispute letter to Experian explaining the issue and provided all kinds of documentation they had asked me to send, including a copy of my SS card. Now they sent me back a response saying that the SSN I gave them “does not match the identification information in our database” and asked me to provide “documentation from the social security Administration (Form SSA-L996 or any other valid SSA form that indicates your name and SSN).”

Now what should I do? First, I can’t even find a “SSA-L996” form on the government’s social security website. I don’t know what other proof I could send them that shows my SSN and name.

Second, if I don’t respond to that letter, I am afraid there’s nothing they could do if my SSN really never exists in their record. (But then how come I could get this credit report in the first place, using my SSN? The other 2 bureaus do not have my record at all.)

Meanwhile, I am trying to contact the bank that gave me the student loans to see if there is a possibility that when they reported my payment history to Experian, they gave a wrong SSN to them… I am so confused now and not sure what to do. Any advice/suggestions will be deeply appreciated.

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