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Received a summons (Midland for $3,000) and notified court I was going to fight it. After that recieived a letter from the law firm wanting to settle with a resonable payment arangement. Called them up to feel them out and asked if that particular lawyer was going to show up for the hearing. They told me they filed for a continuance. Is this a good sign, or are maybe they need more time to get documents to try to prove their case in court?

I would love to fight it in court but don't want the hassle of a judgement if I lose. I told them they must dismiss the case before I would think of paying them. I refuse to pay them and have a judgement against me.

Any strategy I should use? Thanks!

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How old is the debt and who is the original creditor? Have you DV'd them?

I have dealt with Midland twice. Once I settled with them as the OC had provided them with extensive original records, thereby satisfactorily validating the debt.

The next time they sued. The OC was out of business years before Midland bought the debt, their only attempt to collect prior to that was sending a credit card offer that would absorb the old debt, they had no records and what they did have appeared to have been at least partially made up (a phantom payment they never reported to the CRAs, but claimed in court), they tried to serve me at a 3 year old address. I beat them in court.

So, it's more about the nature of the debt and the records they have than about it being Midland.

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