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stupid question,,Just wondering

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ok, i sent DV's out, it now shows"disputed" on my CRA's

I havent gotten back anything from CA's on my DV's( already sent our second request)

How does "disputed" effect your scores?

( still waiting on CRA's to finish Verify's), can they "update as verified but disputed?

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I sent Dv(3/2) to the CA and got nothing back, sent "second" notice (4/4)warning they are facing violations giving them 15 days to "fix it" ,, the CA hasnt responded to the Dv;s, yet they Did mark disputed,, I just dont want,, "disputed" on my CR forever..

what the if CRA's come back with, verified, or verified/disputed

this has been "pending "with CRA's two weeks already, although shows "updated 4/09" , must mean they finally paid attention to my second notice.

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The FDCPA gives you 30 days to respond to the "first contact" regarding a debt...there is no corresponding time limit for the CA to respond to your DV (as long as their TL is marked "in dispute").

Not much you can do about it, I'm afraid.

so they get to just "sit " there,,sigh ,even tho i DV'd within the 30 days..must be nice for the Ca to screw with your report , guess its going to be a CRA battle now...

guess it was smart to ask thier MOV in my first letter to the CRA's then.

**note i made that part quite clear, that i wanted to know HOW the CRA's got the info.

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