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Has anyone dealt with CA named Brewer, Michaels & Kane in NY State?


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I just received a message in my voicemail yesterday from someone named "Steve" - he knew my name and said he had me SS# and was calling to let me know that Court documents were being readied to be sent to the Clerk of Court in my State, and he gave me a file # that he said would follow me throughout the Court proceedings. He stated that this message required my immediate attention and gave me a toll free # of 1-888-774-1338. He was calling from 716-957-3005. It was clear he was attempting to scare/alert me to legal proceedings against me immediately if I did not respond. The thing is - although I have had PPL's in the past, they have been paid off, to the best of my knowledge, for over 1 year. I can think of no other out-standing debt that is not being taken care of by regular monthly payments with the original creditor.

Has anyone else run into these people? Is this a legitimate Law FIrm or Collection Agency?

Thanks for your help.

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Vision Credit Solutions, LLC

Aka/CNE Associates, LLC

Aka/Tri-Financial, LLC

(A part of the Mackinnon group of collectors)

4244 Ridge Lea Rd., #6

Amherst, NY 14226

PO Box 216

North Tonawanda, NY 14120

Pretending to be Attorneys: Brewer, Michaels and Kane

Head Debt Collector:

Jamie P. Belstad, President

Jon Hummel

Chris Morrow, Director of Operations

EVP John D. Yim


888-580-4441 (CDS)

Clear Debt Solutions

Phone: 877-572-7572







Fax: 716-694-5972

Fax: 716-831-9679

Web Address: www.vision-credit.com

FYI, Scum Bag Jon Hummel has changed his name again to:




Phone: 888-774-1338 716-694-1726


He has a couple dozen judgments sitting out on Tri Financial with no intent of paying them.

Warn your readers not to send them any money.


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Anyone who has been threatened or victimized by a fraudulent group calling themselves Brewer, Michaels & Kane or Tri Financial or CNE Associates, please respond with your story to an email which has been established to collect and record the damages caused by these fraudulent companies and organize a formal litigation as well as criminal and legal action against the above referenced companies and their owners.

The email address is victimsofbrewermichaelskane@gmail.com. Please DO NOT provide any personal information about yourself other than your story and email address. After all information has been gathered, you will be contacted via email to file a formal action. Please be sure to include the phone numbers from which these individuals call you as well as the name given to you by the fraudulent companies. Any and all information you can provide with respect to the details of the individuals threatening you will assist the government as well as legal counsel in their pursuit of these fraudulent companies. Please be advised that these individuals and the companies they represent are perpetrating a scam. Please DO NOT RESPOND TO THEM IN ANY WAY. If you have had the unfortunate experience of paying them, perhaps the money can be retrieved through future litigation, although this is unlikely. We look forward to your assistance in pursuing legal action against these individuals and their companies.

Caller ID: Brewer Michaels & Kane

Caller: Brewer Michaels & Kane

also found this..on 800notes..a SCAM company for sure

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