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Next steps with CA/CRA?


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I have an over 7 years old unpaid CO that keeps getting resold to the next JDB. it has been on and off my report and now it came back with a fresh date of delinquency.

I DV'd them immediately after receiving their first letter 10/08 and they did not reply. CMMMR, fax etc have all the proof.

They continue to report, and I did not dispute to the CRA as I didn't notice it in my report at the time..88-)

What should I do next with the CA? send them a second request for validation and then an ITS? - should I dispute with the CRA first and wait for verification?

As for the CRA? Should I simply dispute it as innaccurrate and see if the verify? or should I say it is over 7 years old and ask for the delete?

My #1 goal here is to get it off my report, but also would like to build some FCRA and FDCPA violations in case I decide to sue.

Thanks for your inputs!

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Looks like the SOL is way up on your debt. Send them a harsh letter (JDB). Give them so many days to remove the trade line off your report. Send the letter by CMRRR. After you receive the green card back....dispute the trade line with the CRA's.

If they verify....you have a good case for a suit. At this point I would file some complaints with the BBB and AG....it probably won't do any good...but it establishes a good paper trail.

Then find a good attorney



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That makes sense, thanks. I'll send them the second letter requesting validation first to build on the validation violation.

Once they receive it I'll dispute the CRA and when they verify I'll MOV them and send and a Strong ITS. I don't understand why the flow chart runs these two concurrently? If the CRA verifies the CA may have done nothing wrong since they could be processing the letter..

I already have them on several violations, tolling the date of delinquency, not marking it as disputed, failure to validate etc, just want to solidify the proof before I send the final strong letter that might wake them up to delete it.

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