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How to vacate judgement and legal age to enter a contract?

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I am helping someone would apparently got a judgement collector after her.

She lived with some friends when she was 15 and signed 'something' that apparently as she was told was for emergency contact but her two other friends were 'one the lease'.

As far as I can tell, the CA waited until she turned 18 and sued - without proper service (she knew nothing about the case) and she now has what appears as a default judgement.

my questions are:

1) Can she vacate it on the grounds of improper service (not in person), or age?

2) what is the minimum legal age a person can enter into a contract? I think 18.

This is in Colorado.


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You are on the right track.

You need to shpw two things, usually.

1. An exuse for not answering. Pull the case file and look at the affidavit of service. If she truly did not get served, you will see what they say and you can argue the facts.

2. Defense. Improper service can itself be a reason to vcacte, but judges like to see equities being balanced. There are defenses like sof, sol, but you may want to underscore her age and say the contract was void or voidable when she signed it ( you need to be clear on CO law) ans she had no legal capacity to enter the contract. And likely, she had no benefit.

See if the others are in a similar situation. If not, she should cross claim to make sure they pay their fair share.

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