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Illegal credit pull - where to sue?

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Hi All

Last November, ShopNBC performed a hard pull on my credit report without permissible purpose. After going back and forth with them over this, I've decided that it is time to sue.

BUT - Small Claims Courts in NYC will only allow me to sue a business that performs or transacts business in the City of New York - hence a business that has a physical presence in NYC. The filing forms already have the state NY pre-printed in the area for the defendants information.

How do I go about filing suit in this matter? Would it be possible to file in a small claims court in an adjoining county?

Thanks in advance.

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You can sue someone out of state here in NYC small claims as long as you LIVE in NYC- I have done it.

The forms are irrelevent-people use them for all sorts of things because there is only ONE form-they are archaic in that regard.

In each court house there is a "court attorney" that is there from 9-3 or 4 PM whose job it is to make sure procedure is followed correctly. He or she will tell you exactly how to fill out the forms to make sure you have no issue.

Good luck!

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