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Law firm but really a debit collection agency


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Hi Guys,

I'm a newbie and have some questions. I fell and had a serious knee injury (completely ruptured patella tendon) On top of all that I have cerebral palsy on my right side. Could not go back to work, got behind on credit card bills, was on short and long term disability now social security disability.

I have received several letters from law offices of HAYT, HAYT, & LANDAU stating they represent xxxxx xxxx services. We have filed a complaint on behalf of xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx as assignees of xxx xxxx services to collect the outstanding balance due and owing on your account. I am enclosing for your review a Stipulation for Entry of Final Judgment Execution Withheld. As you will note, some of the terms have intentionally been left blank. Kindly contact my office upon receipt of the letter so that we may mutually agree to the terms and conditions of said stipulation.

Very truly yours,


by -------------

xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

They not only did not put a signature here but also on the following page where they have the stipulations they left blank as I said above.

I have done some research and found HAYT,HAYT is just a debt collection agency. Is this not misrepresentation on there part? And what can I do about it if anything. I live in Georgia there offices are in Miami Florida.

Thanks, Lisa

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