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Vacating A Judgement FL vs IL Laws

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I had a line of credit from BofA which was defaulted on around 2004. The debt was sold to Sarasota CCM which obtained a default judgment in 11/2005 when I was an Illinois resident. I do not recall being served any papers or being aware of the process.

I now reside in Florida and upon checking my file saw that Sarasota CCM had the judgment registered in the circuit court here in Florida. They sent out a registered letter to notify me but I never signed for it nor did I pick it up.

What would be the steps I should take in an attempt to have this vacated? Is there an advantage in attempting to have it vacated in Florida vs Illinois?

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with process at all and this is the last item that is negatively impacting my credit in a major way.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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