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Small Claims case has reared its ugly head

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Some Brief Facts:

2 Seasons ago sent our PWC(Personal Water Craft) into the service dept at our local marina to be fixed. Was quoted $384. 4 times they said it was fixed and 4 times we had to send it back to them because it was not fixed, was doing the same thing it did on day 1. End of summer is here and we had not used the unit once and they send us a bill for $2k. Husband went into their office and told them to F off, I am not paying you $2k the unit does not work. Fast forward to about this time last year and husband receives a summons for small claims. He goes and loses. Between the time we receive the decision and the Pro Supp Hearing date, husband sends letter offering 10% of the judgment (in IN if a corp is suing they cannot sue for more than $1500 in small claims without a lawyer), Plaintiff did not respond. Husband goes to Pro Supp Hearing tells judge I am broke, have been unemployed and have medical issues, but I brought in what I could scrape up which was $80. The judge was extremely understanding and even offered encouragement to my husband that times will get better. Plaintiff asked where they could find the PWC (obviously to attach a lien) husband responded had to sell it. Judge said when your financial situation improves contact the court and set up a payment through the court.

Today: we receive a letter from a collection co. stating they are a "collection agency acting on behalf of the above creditor" then the typical We are a debt collector... and if disputed we will obtain verification of judgment. Company is www.NACMgreatlakesregion.com

So since I do know there is the judgment, I do know that our financial situation is virtually unchanged, what is the best way to deal with these idiots. I do not really need to dispute this as i already know, but They are not registered to do business in my state so I thought I would just send them a letter to get them to prove they can do business here. I can't really tell by the wording or the web site if they are a JDB. Or is there a process I should take with the courts since the judge said to contact them when husbands situation improved.

BTW: I am 99.9999% certain that they do not have husbands SS# and therefore cannot send this to the CRA's. SS# was never given to the marina in our years of dealing with them and the court never asked for any specific info such as SS#, banking info or anything else during the Pro Supp. Doesn't seem to me they have any power here, but would like some feedback as to how I should address NACM Great Lakes Region, the collection agency.

Thanks to all

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