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Sued Again by Mel Harris for the Same account

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Mel Harris filed the same complaint against me AGAIN! And used the same dates on the summons they used the previous year ! LOL

With the first case, I was assured by a Mel Harris lawyer that the case was dismissed with prejudice. Court clerks assured me that I couldnt be sued twice and that people are rarely sued twice.I searched he court records but could not find anything other than that the case was "discontinued".

I never sent them a request for validation because a few weeks later, they sent me a letter (that I cant find) stating that they were dropping the case and I believed that the nightmare was over.

Well , I was in court with them again this month! A Mel Harris Lawyer pulled me to the side to settle, saying that they had the actual contract saying that I owed their client. And .. that no court records showed the case as being discontinued with prejudice.

I refused to settle and said that I would file and "application" for another date so that I could file a counterclaim .

Mel Harris agreed to drop the case with prejudice . I now need to go back to get a copy of the official court documents with the Judges signature .

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