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The process between answers and motions?

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First let me thank everyone here for being an invaluable resource and giving me the tools to fight back...

Received a summons and complaint several weeks ago (Superior Court of CA, SF, Civil Division), answered as well as filed cross-complaint. I have all the examples and templates for filing various motions (discovery, etc.) and am highly confident in being able to do that properly, but I'm not exactly sure what the next step should be right *now*.

The court here has some decent do-it-yourself resources, so I'm good on the "how", but am finding little help on the "when", namely as to what's next? Should I start filing discovery motions? Wait for an answer to my cross-complaint? Does thje court set a hearing date or do I have to request it? This site and all the other resources are excellent up to the point of filing answers, but I'm not sure what the next sequence of events should be or what I should be expecting now.

I think I can take care of events to come, but any advice or suggestions at this juncture? Thanks again in advance.


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Generally, this is the time for discovery. Ask the plaintiff for documents and maybe even propound some Requests For Admissions (there is a limit on discovery if you are in "economic litigation" or "limited civil cases"). If you serve RFAs, be sure to also serve the form interrogatory with Number 17.0 checked (if you can use the General Litigation form). It's a killer. Here is a link to Judicial Council forms for discovery:http://www.courtinfo.ca.gov/cgi-bin/forms.cgi

Good luck.

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