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First City Servicing and NCO Financial?

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Thanks for the info. When NCO first made contact (late 06 early 07) it was NCO Financial Systems Inc. I dv'd them - they never responded to 2 requests but kept sending letters. They must be a JDB because in one of their letters it states "if you choose not to respond to this notification we will assign your account to a collector with instructions to collect the balance." When they did not validate husband blew them off - old citibank card defaulted on in 2003.

Then got one letter from First City Servicing in 08. They never validated - never heard from them again but they did send a 1099-C for discharged debt in 2008.

Midland (who I know is a JDB) sent a letter in January 09. Requested validation. Never got it and now they are suing.

We tried to settle with Citibank who said all or nothing -which was impossible for us so now it has been from OSI Collections (not willing to negoiate) to NCO to First City Servicing to Midland. This should be interesting.

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There are several seperate arms of NCO, and some are CAs and some are JDBs. It is very hard to keep track of who is who.

I would have thought they were only JDBs, but I used to work for a hospital that they were the CA for. They were not purchasing the debt (usually, it hadn't even been charged off yet), they were just being paid to go after the money.

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