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Recording collection calls/Allied Interstate


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I have been having an interesting experience the past few days.

I have a remote phone system. (Base phone and two other phones get signals to it).

Allied keeps calling me the past few days. On my phone I can hit menu then record call to record the call digitally for playback later-just like a tape recorder.

Every time I do this Allied's call then hangs up.

This does not happen with other calls so it's not MY system doing it.

Do you think they have equipment that can tell if someone is recording? And if so...


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Are you starting a conversation with them before you hit the record button?

Hello. May I ask who is calling? et al.

If not, answer "Hello", and when they ask to speak with KCG116, hit record and say "May I ask who is calling?"

You talking over the beep from the recorder might mask it enough they stay on the line long enough to say something stupid.

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