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I have had terrible credit for so long that I just gave up after a while and stopped trying to apply for anything.

I had at one point 30 some odd collections and two judgments.

I had done everything with cash for so long that I just did not worry about it anymore.

After stumbling upon this site I read about receiving my three CRA's free through annualcreditreport.com and said what the heck let me see where I stand.

To my amazement I only had four negative TL's remaining on my CRA's and one was listed twice as a duplicate on all three CRA's

My most recent TL fell of all three CRA's after dispute, and after being DV'd my duplicate went away as well. My FICO has jumped from 579 to 659 in less than two months.

I do believe that every decent person should get a 2nd chance at bat. When I started screwing up my credit I was only 18. Now at 35 I can say that I have learned some valuable lessons to apply moving forward.

If I can do it, anyone can do it! Thank you all for your help and your time.

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