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Need some advised on the first step to repairing my credit


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I am new to the site and was on here reading alot of information last night. I am completing overwhelmed with how to start my first step in repairing my credit.

I am planning on relocating and applying for a mortgage. I have to raise my fico score by a minimum of 25 points by July 2009 in order to qualify for the loan.

So I have received all 3 of the credit reports -- there are late payments posted on the accounts from 2007 and back. I have 4 credit cards that my balance is over the 50% mark.

Should I first start with the goodwill sample letter to the creditors OR do the dispute letter with the CRA? And should the balances be paid down below the 50% mark?

This sight has been great with all the information and I was considering a credit repair company but have read the pros and cons on that and the fees are way too much money to pay if nothing is gained.

Thank you and look forward to any and all assistance


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See my Newbie link in my sig.

25 points may or may not be a lot. What are your FICOs now?

If the lates are legit, and these are open, active accounts, try GW. If there's a chance the OC is a mortgage lender, make mention of the fact you're seeking a mortgage in your quest to get rid of the lates. They might think maybe we can get into this person for a mortgage as well.

Mortgage lenders generally want to see ALL CC balances under 30% UTIL. Even less is better.

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