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Mixed Reporting after a Ch7 Discharge


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I had a Chpt 7 back in 2005, it was discharged in 1/2006. During this filing, I included an overdrawn account with BofA in the amount of $900.

Recently in 1/2009, I opened a secured credit card with BofA and have had it in a possitive since today. As I checked my report with Eq and EX, I noticed that BofA has mixed my 1/2009 account with the overdrawn checking account from 2005. What should I do? any help will be appreciated. Below is a copy and paste from Ex ( I have disputed this but lately, EX has blown off all of the disputes I have submitted).


Discharged through Bankruptcy Chapter 7/Never late.

Date Opened:


Date of Status:


Reported Since:


Last Reported Date:






Monthly Payment:




Credit Limit:


High Balance:


Recent Balance:


Recent Payment:


Account History:

Debt included in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on Sept 27, 2005

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Dispute the accuracy to the bureaus as being mixed accounts from the same lender. you will have to do this in writing. You will not be able to do this on-line because you cannot select mixed accounts as a dispute reason. Send it to the bureaus certified and wait for the results. It will either get fixed, or you will have a reporting violation by BofA.

If it doesn't get fixed, you can contact BofA's general counsel by mail to ask what legal theory they have for mixing a bankrupted account's information with a valid current account and verifying it as correct. (attching copies of all your info will help persuade them) That will probably get it corrected quickly.

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