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Mortgage company incorrectly reporting to my credit...


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Hello all, obviously I'm a newbie here, very glad I found this place as I am activly trying to repair my credit!

I pulled a report from freecreditreport.com on the big 3 today to see what my mortgage company was reporting on all of them due to what was being reported on EX didn't look just right and saw the following info.

EX shows the Acct. Status as closed.

Pmt Status as Debt included in or discharged through BK CH13. (I did file CH13 in 10/2006, but has been paid and is in process of being closed)

High Bal shows nothing.

Balance shows 88,691

Date Opened shows 10/1/2008

EQ shows the Acct. Status as nothing

Pmt Status as At least 120 days or more than four pmts past due

High bal shows 90,000

Balance shows 92,678

Date Opened shows 10/1/2005

TU shows Acct. Status as open

Pmt Status as Wage earner or similar plan

High bal shows 90,000

Balance shows nothing

Date opened shows 10/19/2005

What should I do...this is screwing with my credit. They are reporting on my EQ report 120 days deliq from May 2007 to Jan 2009. It was showing OK in Feb, March and April of 2007....Jan of 2009 was the last time they reported anything...TU is showing nothing in the pmt hist.

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Is there any type of action to take against the mortgage company or will the CB do that? This mortgage company is one of the reasons I had to go to CH13 BK in the first place, I am very unhappy with them and working to improve my credit to refi and get out from under this mess...

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Alright, just a bit of an update on this whole mess

I sent out the disputes to BIG 3 with the sample letter provided on the site.

Equifax is now reporting in dispute. It actually made my score go up quite a bit!

Experian is still reporting pretty much the same info other than the payment history has changed. It is now reporting that I was 120 days late during the entire time of my 13 BKR...from what I've read that is completely wrong, correct?

TU, as far as I know hasn't changed anything.

I sent them all CMRRR and have gotten my green cards back showing all 3 got the letters.

I also sent a letter to Homecomings (my mort company) wanting validation of everything on my account...the one that is provided on this site that is very, very detailed. It was sent CMRRR, they got it on Monday. Well see what happens. Last time I sent them a request for detailed info on my account that I got from my BKR Att. they sent me a payoff and crap back so we'll see what happens.

If nothing gets fixed from this do I rinse and repeat of start looking at legal action? I'd like to refi and get away from this company and honestly don't want to wait another 30-60 days as my payments have gone up tremendously(lets just say I was a 1st time buyer that got famboozled into an ARM).

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Okay so I got letters back from two of the BIG 3 TU said that some info was updated, I have to go to their web to get my updated report. Well see what it says. EQ was the other and they stated all info has been corrected as well but again well see...I honestly doubt it.

I got the info back from Homecomings today that i had requested and to be honest it's a jumbled peice of crap that is really hard to understand but doesn't look correct at all and it shows they charged late fees while I was in bkr and other crazy fees that don't make sense. Not sure where i should go from here, any suggestions?

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So I sent my bkr attorney an email and this was the conversation...

Me:"I have a few questions about my mortgage company. What were they

allowed to or supposed to report during my ch 13 BKR? They have

reported on the payment history on some of the credit reporting agencies

that during the entire or some of the time I was 120 days deliq, not

that i was under a payment plan. I finally got a specific breakdown of

fees that were charged and during the BKR they also charged late fees

and some unexplainable fees. Also with Experian they are reporting the

account as closed? I have done disputes with all three credit agencies

due to each one had different info and some info has been updated on

some but not all. What is your thoughts....what should have been done

during the BKR specifically."

Her response:"You need to do exactly what you have done, which is dispute them with

the credit reporting agencies. Once you get your discharge, I will be

sending you a letter to sign and send to the credit bureau's too, but I

cannot send out the letter until your discharge is granted.

Also, once your discharge is granted, I will be filing a motion to

declare your mortgage current where the court will order the mortgage co

to remove any late fees, attorney fees, etc. and I will send that order

to the mortgage company. Again, this is something I cannot file until

your discharge is granted."

Although I got a little info from her it really wasn't what I wanted. She's been known for uselessness in some cases.

So I guess I will rinse and repeat with the BIG 3 and see what that gets me.

I finally got a letter back from EX yesterday, they updated a few things but it still isn't correct.

Lets get at it!

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So I did the rinse and repeat about my mortgage with the BIG3 and got letters back saying they have already investigated this TL. Nothing else was done!

I also sent some disputes on some TL that I had called the CA and they stated they did not have my records, those were removed! Also I sent some disputes on a Chase TL that I was an authorized user on from about 6 yrs back, they were deleted as well.

My TU score went up but the rest went down after that? What gives? It's so frustrating sometimes...can anyone explain why a score would go down after negative TL w/balances unpaid are deleted?

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