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Consolidate Collection Service, Inc.


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Has anyone ever heard of these people? They are out of Harrisburg PA. I received a phone call from them today and when I called them back the first lady did not identify herself as a Collector, when I told her about recording the phone conversation she hung up. I then called back and spoke to another gentleman who would not give me his name but did say he was from CCS and that he has a medical bill in collections for me. When I told him again that I was recording the conversation and that if he wanted to continue to speak it was his choice so he continued the conversation went like this:

CA: What is the point of recording the conversation

me: To make sure you follow the FDCPA

CA: Are you refusing to pay us

me: I have made arrangements to pay the creditor directly

CA: You can't do that we have the bill, are you refusing to pay us

me: No I am paying the Original Creditor

CA: who are they? and what Number are you calling from.

Me: The OC is blah blah and my home number is 717-555-5555

CA: ok I am updating your file as refusal to pay Sir is there any other point of your phone call to us

Me: nope

Then he hung up.

Ok seems pretty simple but I had thought that they are required under the FDCPA to read you the mini miranda. "This is an attempt by a debt collector....etcetc. Am I wrong there? Or is that statement optional because he never said it at all even after being told the conversation was being recorded.

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Consolidated Collection Service Inc (Ccs Fin Systems)

2213 Frest Hills Dr Ste 2, Harrisburg, PA 17112

Contact Phone: (717) 652-8601

URL (web address): www.ccsfinancialsystems.com

Business Category: Collection Agency in Harrisburg, PA

Industry (SIC): Adjustment and Collection Services

Business InformationThis company profile is for the private company Consolidated Collection Service Inc , located in Harrisburg, PA. Ccs Fin Systems's line of business is collection agency.

Company Name: Consolidated Collection Service IncIs This Your Company?

Address: 2213 Frest Hills Dr Ste 2, Harrisburg, PA 17112 (Map)

Alt Business Name: Ccs Fin Systems

Location Type: Single Location

Est. Annual Sales: $530,000

Est. # of Employees: 10

Est. Empl. at Loc.: 10

Year Started: 1982

State of Incorp: PA

SIC #Code: 7322

Contact's Name: Jeffrey Parr

Contact's Title: President

NAICS: Collection Agencies

LOL next time ask for Jeffrey..BUT keep calling him jiffy or jefffieee

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Yep that is the same company -

What I was wondering though is do they actually have to tell you during the phone call that "This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information will be used for that purpose." or is that part optional? and is it covered under the FDCPA.

Because if they are suppose to say that, they never did.

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