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auto repo laws in fl.

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My car was repo'd on Monday. I've been searching for laws in the state of FL but am finding conflicting info. Specifically:

1) I am being charged $80 for retrieval of my belongings "per FL Statute" Is this amount unreasonable? What is the cap?

2) My car is no longer at repo yard but has been transported to wherever the auction location is. I have a right to attend the auction (I think); however, auction is for dealers only. I am not a dealer - can they do that?

3) I am currently homeless (staying with friends). Since they picked up the car at my work location, can I give that as my address for notification as required by law?

4) Can I file CH 13 & get my car back? I filed CH 7 in 2004 so that is not an option.

If I sound cold, it is because I have nothing left. The only thing keeping me in the fight is if they trip up & I have a chance at getting my car back. Some company property is in there so time is of the essence before I lose my job as well.

Thanks in advance.

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