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what goes where who gets what

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The more I read the more confused I'm getting.....info overload:lol:

so i've paid off some judgements within a few months of each other. on cr the date one will be removed is in 2 years the other is 6 years is that the norm or is one a mistake?.... (hoping its the 6).. and even though they are paid they are going to hang out and haunt me for awhile correct? any way to get them off?

now I have acct ABC EX= high bal. $494;balnce n/a;past due n/a write off

TU= high bal. $461;balnce $0;pas due $0 chargeoff bd

can i get it thrown out cause of the high balance $ being different ? If so how? ( i know there's a letter involved, which one?) If not, can't blame a girl for trying.:)

also got a tax lien judgement that shows up on one cr and not the other. when we bought our house we were sent a letter of satisfaction to take to the mortgage lender to clear that little problem up w/them. Do I send the letter of satisfaction to the cra? or what letter do i send?

any help would be much appreciated.......I read many threads and realize its aggrevating to those that have been helping us that are lost and apologize I these ?'s have surely been answered before but if i read any more, my eyes are going to melt!!! and husbands talking divorce :lol: jk

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What kind of tax lien? Property tax or income tax (State or Federal)?

If its a property tax lien satisfaction, you need to make sure it is recorded in the county in which the property is located.

If it is State tax lien - then you file with the county where you reside - look up your State Laws for filing a Satisfaction.

For a Federal Tax lien Release: Go here to this link for the "How To"


Hope this helps a little! xdancex

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thanks Denita it helped tons..... one down..........many to go:)

Next item would be..... Same CA listed twice on CR has two different acct. numbers but i am pretty sure it's the same bill. One is listed paid and closed the other is listed collection as of dec 2206/june 2006.....Do I DV the CA and list both acct #'s or just the open one??? Or would it be better to goodwill the OC?

any help appreciated :)

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I hope I'm not breaking any rules here but after many more hours of reading in this forum. I kinda answered my own question or at least found something that really helped with the what goes where/who part.

theres a post called DEBT VALIDATION WORKFLOW and it has a chart that shows you everything It helped me tons!!!!

Computer skills lacking on my part, so the only way I can get you there is to "search posts title.

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