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Please help! Ch13 Bk gone bad...

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Hi ! newbie from TX... Thxs in advance for your help ...

Filed Ch13 BK in 03/27/07 to repay past due property taxes after divorce. Two wks ago found out that BOA paid directly to County for those taxes in 04/13/07 so now I have an escrow acc past due of over $12,000.00. I was never notified by BOA, my lawyer or the trustee and I just found out that all the BK payments made in these 2 yrs went to credit cards I had when my case was filed.

Who is responsible for this mistake?

My lawyer is not helping much and now she wants to charge me extra to modify my case if BOA agrees to file a proof of claim. BOA never contacted me to modify my mortgage pymt (that's why I never found out about the escrow acc) and claim were not notified about my case being filed....

Please Help Me !

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