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I have a question about a jungement. to make a long story short it all started cause i knock her on her butt.

now she sued me for 300. money my daughter owned her when to small claims court. judge told me to get money from daughter and pay her so i never paid her she put a judgement against me my credit was good

whick thats why she did it knowing my credit means a lot to me.

also in mean time husband sue her for storage on motorcycle in my garage in small claims court she lost. she never paid storage bill 264.00 or came to get her bike. So now what can i do?

then a week later she sueing for 8000. medical bills and pain for surgery that i cause because i pushed her. i have seen her moving things out of she storage building before she had surgery. All this is a pissing contest

and my credit is getting reining i don't have 8000. to pay her so if i lose now i will have another judgement against me what can i do?

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Hi for one were you ever served with any of the court documents to appear at court and if so did you choose to ignore them(which I hope is not the answer)

for two if you have a video camera and can get her on video lifting items with her claiming her bogus injuries. Then you can possibly prove to the court that her allegations of injury are a fraud and that she is using the court to harrass you than the court will decide from there.

but, if you were served with any court documents and chose not to go I would suggest you contact your local legal aid society in your county because they offer free legal service or a small nomial fee for those with limite income.

(disclaimer: not giving legal advice nor am i an attorney just giving my opinion which cost nothing; for legal advice always contact a state bar attorney)

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No i did go to all court dates and did hirer lawyer for the 8000. hearing only. whick is next week.she does have to proved i cause her to get surgery. I am just worried cause i have done every thing to keep my credit good. whick she knows that. she has used her son and brother ss# to get credit cards cause she totally reining her credit. and their too now. i think she is doing this to get even. she knows how important this is to me.

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ok, so she has one judgment against you for a small amount don't pay her until you get a legal court document stating that if you pay the court judgment she'll have the judgment vacated.

unfortunately, for you she has to agree to it, if she doesnt than once you pay her the only thing she has to do by law is report a paid satisified judgment which will stay on your credit report.

but, if i was you i take full advantage of that attorney you currently hired, and discuss with the attorney about taking care of the current judgment.

Maybe you can also contact the storage and ask them if they have video cameras they might have some of her lifting her items into her car and you probably can use that as evidence against her bogus claims.

good luck

(Diclaimer: Just my opinon not an attorney please consult a license attorney in your state)

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