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Midland Funding Indirectly Collecting via Attorney WAY out of state

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I received a dunning letter from Moore & Scribner Attorney at Law located in Ohio (I'm in NC) stating that Midland Funding LLC has purchased my "WaMu BANK account". (CC)

This is the first communication I've received regarding this, and I've not received anything from Midland. I have dealt with a good amount of dunning letters over the last few years, but never received anything directly from a law firm prior to receiving dunnings from the JDB/CA or OC. Is this typical, and does Midland have any responsibility under the FDCPA to contact me regarding this first?

If not, is there any means by which I can force them into responsibility by DVing Midland directly? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,


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Hi Willingtocope:

I have DV'd them. Since their letter indicated that Midland Funding had purchased my WaMu account they are clearly a JDB and the FDCPA is applicable.

Given communication from their "attorney" is the first I've heard of this, I'd like to somehow coax Midland into communicating with me directly to eliminate any question of FDCPA applicability to them as well.

Someone in another thread suggested calling them and demanding written notice of my rights within 5 days, and then subsequently DV'ing Midland after this telephone conversation. I'd appreciate any opinions/insight into this because I know Midland is prone to mistakes.

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