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Collections Item That I Never Had!


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Hello All.

this is a strange one. i checked my credit report and saw a collections item from National Credit Solutions for $196.00. and i have no idea what that is so i dispute it and ask them to verify. i then get a letter in the mail from them a while later saying its from BMG Music service and it lists all these CDS and says that i owe. the kicker is that its not even my correct name; they have my middle name listed as my first name and my last name. is there anything i can do at this point? should i call them or write a letter? i really don't know what to do and i don't want to pay for something that isn't mine. this was around the time i was living away from home in an apartment building full of other college students so i'm thinking maybe i got one of those offers for CDs and someone got them in my name but of course i can't prove it. and this address was mine 5 years ago. any advice would really help.

thanks all.

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