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Writing (snail) Experian (dispute)


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So I wrote a letter to Experian to dispute some entries on my CR. They sent me back a letter saying they could not process my request because I did not provide sufficient identification. They go on to say that I must provide:

1.) Full Name

2.) SSN

3.) DOB

4.) Complete address for last 2 years

5.) 1 copy of a government issued ID card. (IE: Driver's License)

6.) 1 copy of utility bill/bank or insurance statement.

OK, I can see 1-3 maybe 4, but 5 and 6? Just to file a dispute. Clearly they are just asking for so much BS in an attempt to get me to use the online dispute.

Is this tatic legal? Anything I can do? (besides comply with all 6 of their BS ID requests)


James L

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It's a typical stall technique to get around the 30 or 45 day limit to complete the investigation. Every time you send "additional information" they get an extension so they can consider the new info.

After 30 days from the date they received your dispute (or 45 days if you disputed out of a free credit report), send the documents they requested.

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