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Hello there. :)++

I am new to this board. I was a regular on debtorboards.com but I don't know what happened to that board. It just disappeared one day.

Anyway, I am in the military full time and have used the SSRA to get a collection attorney to not only go away but return the $1000 plus he got in a garnishment of my checking account.

So one down. :) Five more to go. :(

Now I am having issues with a finance company over a volunteer reposession. I got sent to Iraq and didn't want to put my truck into storage as the insurance company said they would just total it. The theory was that rodents would get into it and chew up the wiring, seats, dashboard, etc.

No one wanted to buy it and dealerships didn't want it. I felt I was stuck so I forced the issue and just tossed the finance company the keys. I further felt it was the right thing to do.

Now the finance company wants $3500.00 give or take and has put this all on my credit. I want this gone. I wrote the finance company offering to do a pfd but no love so far and that was two months ago.

Oh, the finance company is in Salt Lake City and I am in Germany. So it's not like I can drive down the road to go see them. My legal residence is Utah.

Suggestions? Comments? Thanks!


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