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My dear, dear mortgage company...


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I am seriously on the brink of destruction with this company. Bare with me on this one...

My mortgage got bought out by Homecomings Financial about 3 months after we purchased our home (10/2005). I got hurt, was out of work for almost a month, we fell behind. Got the typical we'll work a repayment plan with you - delay, delay, more delay - Oh, no need to send in money right now - delay some more. Im sorry Mrs. XXXXX we cannot work with your situation you now need to pay all arrearage to get your loan UTD. UGH!

My hubby and I file CH13 (10/2006) to keep our home as well as get some medial bills out from under us. We think we are kosher, uh..NO. The escrow is crazy, forced placed insurance with their company and a whole big ol mess. That got semi-fixed.

Now our BK13 is completely paid and about to be discharged within the month and we are wanting to refi, already spoke to the credit union and everything...my credit is a mess.....thanks to who.....Homecomings!!!

I have sent in the disputes to the BIG 3....anyone else have any advice or warnings for me on this extremely difficult journey? I want to just sue but I'm seeing if I can get a few white flags raised first.

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