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Midland served my counsin for a Citi account.

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Midland just served my cousin for a defaulted Citibank Card (last payment made in 04) and they attached an inhouse statement and the alleged first contact letter notifying they purchased (assignee of) the account.

Here's the predicament:

He never got the letter because they mailed it to his mothers address and he hasn't lived there in over 25 years. (current residence is 17 years). She's been in a nursing home since Fall 08 and the house is rented. The process server actually went to his mom's house and the tenants gave him the correct address.

In Florida there is a statute that says JDB have 30 days to notify the debtor of the assignment. Since it went to an address other than his is that considered proper notification and should he DV them now (before he responds to complaint)? The account is his and the statements always went to his address.

I figure if they had a real affidavit of indebtness, assignment or bill of sale they would have attached that to the complaint.

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