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Manual of HOW TO Basic Procedures?

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There is a LOT of great information posted in this forum. However, it seems many first time posters seem to ask the same questions. Has any thought been given to preparing a basic procedure manual for handling these collection cases.

I realize that including all state law is a daunting task, but it could be added incrementally over time.

While I do not have legal expertise, I do have many years experience as a tech writer. I know how to put together manuals and would be willing to help.

I envision a manual that is written in basic - layman - terms with sample forms, pleading and so forth. An appendix with all the known acronyms used by courts and so forth. The manual would explain, in real terms, how the process works. What to expect at each stage of the process. What to do in response to specific events and so forth.

The manual should enable the average first time defendant to move with confidence through the process. A tips and trick section could highlight traps and pitfalls- what not to do.

The manual could be a PDF of just a long sticky post at first.

What do you think?

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