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can you be arrested for not attending depo?

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Can you be arrested for not attending your depo?

It's my understanding unless it's court ordered you can't. Once it's court ordered and you don't attend, they can possibly issue a warrant for your arrest. Credit Card debt? Are you kidding me? I found some info on google but it wasn't really that great.

State is NC.

Thanks in advance.

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arrested no, sanctioned yes

i sat at a motion hearing couple o months back in iredell county and watched an attorney try and get out of sanctions because he didnt go to a scheduled depo hearing..

court awarded attorney fees to opposing counsel for the wasted time and the trip to the court for the motion hearing

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Use a reasonable excuse. Family, medical, can't take off of work in this economy is a good one, etc.

They will have to re-schedule if you send proper notice with reasonable excuse.

Judges rarely sanction if you gave courtesy notice to re-schedule.

This only works once. By the second time judge will probably not tolerate.

Give it a shot once, who knows, they may not bother to re-schedule.

I'd hassle scumbags as much as you can.

Caution: This doesn't mean some jerk judge will not sanction you. It is a small risk.

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