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Paid Collections and Judgement, How can delete?


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First time here, but have read many threads!!

I had OLD debts that was constantly paying, they were sent to collections, but I was still making payment arrangements. This year I was finally able to pay them all in full. Paid five colections and one Judgement (these were all my debts) and could not pretend they were not mine becuase I had never stopped paying.

I now want to buy a house but since all these negative notes on my account were recently updated (February 2009) my credit went down drastically.

I just learned that I should have paid with money orders but I paid all accounts in full with checks and my debit card.

Is there any way I Can dispute these accounts and remove them? specially the JUDGEMENT. If so please tell me how.:confused:

I feel as if I have tried forever to fix my credit but can't. I really would like to purchase a house but my credit won't allow it.

Positive things on my credit

1-Car loan

1-Retail Store credit card

1- Secure credit Card

and a bunch of collections (3 noted as paid and two as settled):-(

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I called the original Law firm that handled my case and they told me tha I should be getting (in the mail) a package from them. Once I get it I should make copies and send it to the Credit Bureau people so my credit is changed.

Is this correct, or do they have to do that??

I have not notified anybody because all events happened in NYC and I now live in PA.


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