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Nationwide or American Express? Who owns the debt?


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I received a phone call from Nationwide Credit Collections three weeks ago stating that their were collecting a debt. I sent Nationwide a letter requesting debt validation. Todatm I received a package of my credit card statements from American Express. The letter from AMEX thanked me for my request for validation. So my question to all the experts is

1) Who owns the debt?

2) What's my next step?

This is a fantastic resource!

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I just received a letter from nationwide for my amex account and called amex. They said that they cant settle with me and that they no longer own the debt. Can you give me a link to a good debt validation letter? Thanks.

ps...i heard that credit card statement are not valid validation. Is that true?

Thanks guys.

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Dear Collector

I dispute this debt.

Please provide me with validation. All collection activity must cease until you provide me with validation.

Please note that my employer does not permit me to receive personal calls at work. It is also inconvenient for me to receive phone calls on any number or at any time in relation to this matter, all correspondence must be by US mail only

Love and kisses


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