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Getting sued, all thats in my name is an old car worth $900.. Could they seize it if

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when they win?

I don't understand this exempt property laws.. Im being sued for $3000 and the car is worth $900.. I dont understand how to read the exempt property laws.

Can someone help and simply answer my question as to, is my car safe from being taken after they win judgement?

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I would say the car is safe except from the most desperate bill collectors. I don't know how you arrived at teh $900 figure, but if it was Kelley Blue Book or something like that, here is an example of the REAL economics of taking your car:

Kelley Blue Book value $900

Probable winning bid at Auction: $400 if you are lucky

Less Repossessor's fee $250

Less Auctioneer's Fee $150

Less 3 weeks storage at $15 per day $315

Net realizable if they repo: -$315.00

They aren't taking your car.

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Should I dispute this, even if its legit?

A friend told me to answer and dispute it.

Just because the debt is legitimate doesn't mean you shouldn't answer the suit and at least go to court...you may well still prevail. But, if you don't answer/appear then they win by default.

Do you have no assets and no income? If so then you may well be what is usually called "judgment proof" meaning that you have nothing they can take or attach and in which case it may not be worth fighting.

Keep in mind, however that judgments last a VERY long time and will have a negative impact on your credit history for many, many years...should you reach a point where you do have something they can take it could cause you problems down the road.

Ultimately, you need to decided what makes the most sense for you!

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