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My FICA Score Killed by Unknown Delinquency

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I have a damaging and perplexing problem regarding a mysterious Chase credit card that showed up on my credit report as delinquent. I discovered this when inquiring about a re-fi on April 2/09. I have always had an excellent credit rating so was shocked to find it had dropped to 670 due to one negative – a Chase credit card issued in 12/05. I have no record of ever using the card (and no record of any notification of billing, late payment, etc).

I filed a dispute and after 30 days Equifax could only report the following (which was hardly more than what was on my credit report).

Account opened: 12/05 High Credit: $0 Credit Limit: $5,500 Balance Amount: $436 Past Due: $80 Date of Last Payment: 01/2006 Actual Payment Amount: $0 Scheduled Payment Amount: $10 Date of Last Activity: None Date of 1st Delinquency: 09/2008 Date Closed 11/2008

How would you interpret this data? Does this offer any clue to the source of my alleged delinquency?

Other facts to consider:

History of credit: pristine – no late payments, no nothing for 10 years. 90% of the time I pay off balance. So it is inconceivable that we (my wife is totally anal when it comes to bill paying and record keeping – she’s the reason our credit rating is so high – or at least was) would simple ignore this one credit card bill – all others we pay but not this one – impossible! We must never have received a statement/bill/notice of late payment, etc.

When this Credit Card was supposedly opened in 12/05 I was actively using a Chase Credit card (issued in 1993 canceled in 08/06). Its credit limit was $16,000, with a reported high credit of $4500. Again, no late’s, no nothing. So, why would I request another Chase Credit card – or – why would they send me one?

In 2007 I bought a home (interestingly my prior mortgage was with Chase – paid off in 11/05. The mortgage app. was approved easily due to my 800 credit rating. Then why was this ‘delinquent,” Chase card not on my credit report? In 2007 it was long overdue.

Two days after filing my dispute with Equifax I got a call from a collection agency, (I doubt this is a coincidence). I told them I dispute this charge and can’t ever recall getting any statements regarding these alleged purchases. They said to call Chase, “but they won’t be able to help you …if you just pay us $250 we’ll go away.”

I am asking for an objective analysis of this issue. I have requested a validation of this debit via the collection agency. It’s been close to 30 days and I am still waiting. I just want to see the last statement -- itemized charges (like gas, restaurant, golf clubs, food, etc..something!) I don’t think there is any. I think I am being billed for monthly fees, late charges, etc.. all for a credit card that I didn’t ask for and never used.

This has not only damaged my credit rating but I did not get approved for the optimum mortage re-fi rate and my Visa/BofA (that I have had for 20 years without a late payment) just notified my that my credit limit is being slashed due to this 3 year old credit card delinquency that just now appeared on my credit report (not just Equifax but TransUnion too). What I should I do now?

Thanks -

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I finally got a human at Equifax to examine the numbers reported on this Chase card -- it took a bit of coaxing -- but after some mumbling and ahhh's by the Customer Rep, I was put on hold she came back ten minutes later to inform me they determined that Chase made a mistake (something about inputting the wrong SS#) and they are immediately removing this negative debt from the CR!!

She advised me that it's not a good idea to initiate a dispute on line –

Of course I feel vindicated but outraged at the practices of Chase. I determine that right after I launched the dispute Chase was notified that the validity of this debt was being investigated. How did Chase respond? By immediately assigning the debt to a collection agency, who called two days later and began pressuring me to pay, "right now -- before it's gets worse, just pay something…etc.."

Chase: a ruthless, despicable company.

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Thank you Cap'Kid for your reply

I was thinking I might have grounds for seeking a $ settlement. I look forward to your advice.

First Claim for damages: I discovered my FICA has plunged from low 800's to 670 when I applied for a re-fi with DTech on April 2 -- they would have given me a lock (which happened to be when the mortg. rates were at historic lows)

BUT -- they ran my SS# and informed me that my SCORE was to low to qualify for the best rate/points. However, my wife's score was 775 -- so due to her excellent credit rating they could offer the best rate but they would have to put all the loan docs in her name only. Me, and my income, could not be included in the re-fi , etc.. There was some doubt if we would ultimately qualify due to my wife's sole income level and she was uncomfortable being listed as the only borrower – so we passed.

Second Claim: A week after I receive call from Chase's collection agency BofA notified me they were slashing my Visa credit limit -- on a card that I have had for 25 years without one late – Why? Because of the Chase Credit Card negative now on my CR. I think the fact that Chase assigning this invalid debt to a collection agency may have had something to do with BofA’s actions -- the timing is too coincidental – but I have no proof.

Third Claim: Pain and Suffering No bull****. We pay our bills on time, all the time. My wife is so anal about bill paying she will call PG&E and ask, "isn't it about time you said us a bill.” Before this, my credit history was unblemished.. In fact, we had a mortgage with Chase -- never late, paid off. – and -- a Chase credit card used since 1993 with no late payments, etc... .So when we discovered this alleged "delinquency" it was very disturbing. We wondered if it was legit. Perhaps I had somehow screwed up -- had a ‘senior moment.’ So there was stress and late night discussions and rummaging around in the garage, searching for records. This went on from April 2, to yesterday.

The calls from Chase's collection agency were relentless. And my efforts (documented) of resolving this issue with calls to Chase were always met with a – “Sorry, we have assigned this debt to a collection agency and can not give you any information regarding your delinquent debt.”

So yes, I want REVENGE. I want an apology and some explanation as to why/how this error occurred on my CR. And, it would seem some level of compensation is deserved.

We are not wealthy people – we just pay our bills on time and live within our means. Do you know a law firm that would accept this issue on a contingency basis? I have hard evidence to support this narrative (emails, phone logs, notes, etc…) so perhaps it would be a slam dunk. I also believe the collection agency -- Valentine & Kebartas -- violated FTC laws/regulations.

Thanks for your interest. Sorry if I went long.

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I think you need to start a post in the thread 'IS THERE A LAWYER IN THE HOUSE'- a lot of people with more legal knowledge respond to that thread. I'm no expert- but common sense says you were victimized- I've heard NACA lawyers are experts in these type cases.

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