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Defining "party" versus "nonparty"

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Lets say for example, that Big Money Bank N.A. filed suit on me for an old defaulted credit card, and that I have correspondence from them from setting up past payment plans or whatever. Those letters are signed by people ranging from A) a regional VP of BMB to, B) some Assistant Account Manager in some Credit Servicing Department of some Financial Products Group, owned by BleedEm Savings and Loan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of BMB.

There are different procedures for depositions, etc. for parties versus non-parties. Would the employees in the examples above be considered as "parties" since they work for BMB, or would they be considered "non-parties" since they personally are not involved in the lawsuit?


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Look at 2025.280. I think that will answer your question:

2025.280. (a) The service of a deposition notice under Section

2025.240 is effective to require any deponent who is a party to the

action or an officer, director, managing agent, or employee of a

party to attend and to testify, as well as to produce any document or

tangible thing for inspection and copying.

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